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Traveling from island to island is done by plane or boat. From province to province a bus is usually the best way. And within a city, one can take a cab, tricycle or the world famous Jeepney.  

Getting Around

Getting around the Philippines can be quite confusing to non-residents. The best way around a locality like a city or town is by taxi but cabs are usually only available in the major cities. Renting a car is also possible but most foreigners will find it difficult to drive on Philippine roads. When renting a car, make sure it comes with a chauffer which might cost more but well worth the convenience. When arriving in a new place or town, ask the locals what the best way is around the vicinity. They know best and are glad to help.  

Accessible Transportation  

For the wheelchair user is not very abundant, if at all, in Cebu. If it is available it will be crude compared to the standards experienced here in the US. Wheelers who can get in and out of a smaller Toyota/Honda etc. should be fine. Those using electric chairs, like myself, will need to plan ahead, describe your needs (your sitting height is important), and ask many questions.

When I visited Cebu, my fiancée, at the time, arranged to have her fathers friend Terry. He equipped his small Toyota van with a wooden ramp. It wasn't easy getting in and out. I had to bend as far forward as I could to clear the doorway. With extra support from my brother-in-law Melvin and Uncle Danny, I slowly slowly backed out and into the van. Crude but functional. I sit a bit tall and was not able to se much as we drove about Cebu. But it was worth the effort due to my meeting the future Mrs. Me.

We had the van on stand-bye for my entire trip. Yes, it was a bit more expensive but it was nice to have transportation whenever needed.

What type of transportation can we provide

We are able to provide a variety of transportation to suit your needs at a fraction of what others may charge. We are also, as far as I know, the only transportation source for those with special requirements as in a wheelchair. Although our van is not up to ADA specifications, our clients are very happy with our transportation serice, and more so, the driver.

Our driver Terry has transported all of our clients with a variety of disabilities and those with none. He is a great tour guide and is very flexible to your needs. And, he ca help you negotiate great bargains in your shopping spree. We do rent to groups and can find other types of transportation for non-disabled needs too.

We are looking at new and better ideas to transfer wheelchair passengers around. If enough interest is found, a better van will be built. But for now, Terry is more then willing to be your driver and guide to Cebu. He is also an accomplished guitarist that can sing classic and romantic songs in his own special way. Can you say that about most drivers?

Please contact us for the daily rate and more information. 


Metered taxis are an affordable and convenient way to travel. These are not accessible unless you can transfer yourself.


Former jeeps converted to minibuses that run along set routes. They can be hailed en-route. These are not accessible.

Most better class resorts/hotels offers complimentary city and airport shuttles on scheduled departures. However, these are not wheelchair friendly. Some hotels will make arrangements but extra charges will be necessary.


· Non- Accessible cars can be rented with or without the driver at varying costs depending on the vehicle. Traffic keeps to the right. An international driving license is required.

Travel Time from Airport to Hotel

· If staying on Mactan Island, most hotel/resorts can be reached in approximately 15 minutes from international airport
· If staying in Cebu City and the vicinity, most hotel/resorts can be reached in approximately 20-35 minutes from international airport Some even longer depending on your selection.

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