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Here are some frequently asked questions

The following FAQs were copied from http://www.raosubic.com/index.html . For even more FAQs, please visit them.

I am an American citizen and plan to visit the Philippines. What visa will I need?

You can visit for 21 days on just your passport as an American citizen with a return or onward ticket. (This is seldom checked but is a requirement.) Be advised, do not over stay. If you intend to remain for a longer period, you can extend every 30 or 59 days right here in Olongapo at Immigrations on 7th street. Multiple entry visas and Balikbayan visas are issued with a validity of 1 year. You can apply for the issuance of multiple Re-entry Permit and Special Return Certificate for P2,880 a year while a Balikbayan visa is for Free.

My wife is a former Filipino citizen, but has acquired U.S. citizenship while Residing abroad. What visas will we need to live in the Philippines

You will need a 13 (a) based on being married to a Filipina, and she can be a dual citizen in the Philippines . We have the forms for this in the RAO Subic Bay. She may enter the Philippines as a tourist using her U.S. passport and register as a dual citizenship right away. Any magistrate can take her oath of allegiance. You should get the 13 (a) prior to leaving the states at any Philippine consulate. It's easier and much cheaper.

I have children by my Filipina wife. We plan to live in the Philippines. What visas will my children require?

Children born of an American father and Filipina mother can enter as tourists using their US passports and extend, if necessary, while waiting to get “dual recognition” or if desired, they may register as “dual citizens”. This way they are Americans when in the USA and recognized as Filipinos while in the Philippines. They can enter the USA on their American passports and enter the Philippines with the letter of dual recognition. This letter should be kept in their passports.

I'm coming to live in the Philippines . I have a dog and would like to bring it with me. What do I need to do?

Apply for an import permit with the Animal Health Division (AHD), Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) by writing a letter addressed to the BAI director. See also, Bringing Pets and Animals to the Philippines.

What is the longest time I can stay in the Philippines?

You can come and stay 21 days on just your passport. You can then extend out 56 days at a time up to a year. Then you must leave the country for 48 hours and start all over. This method can get expensive for extensions, plane tickets, hotel rooms etc. you do have the choice to get a resident visa and stay up to 10 years. All you need do is apply for it. The (ACR-I card) as it is commonly called, is a credit card size card carried in your wallet.

What is the amount of retired pay that I will need to reside in the Philippines? Will p2 million be sufficient to build a 2 story, 4 bed room, and 2 bath house?

2 million can build you a very nice house depending on the area you reside and cost of labor and materials. $1,200.00-1,500.00 should be enough to get by nicely depending on the budget you set for yourself. Keep in mind that things are going up here in the Philippines as in all countries with the high prices of oil.

If I decide to retire to the Philippines can I bring my household goods with me? And how much it will cost in taxes?

If you retire and come to the Philippines to live and want to bring your house whole goods. You must first get a resident visa for the Philippines and there will be little hassle with customs. Note! Do not bring a car, truck, van or motor cycle. Taxes are 100-125% of the original price and up!


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