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 Moving to the Philippines


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So, you are thinking of moving to the Philippines?

Sure living on a tropical island where the cost of living is low sounds great. There are many wonderful people in the Philippines who have done so. But please there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge. There is a lot to consider.

Moving to Philippines

International Living

The People

First of all the Philippines is a poor country, hence many poor people. Sure, there are poor people every where. From my background, the poor people in the USA have nothing on the poor of the Philippines. In the US we have social misfits who have their hands out, get everything, and still complain that they have nothing. In the Philippines there are 8, 9, Ö 12 people living in a shack most people would call in humane for a dog to live in. Thieves here will snatch an earring out of a ladyís ear just to get a few pesos. Your public restrooms do not have toilet paper as it will be hoarded by the first user. Sad but true. Life in the Philippines can be great, but there is a different culture to live by.  

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Work Schedule

Having work done tomorrow could easily mean next week. It is slow here. Most people beat by a different Timex. Today and tomorrow are considered times for politeness. If you are told that the work will be done to day or tomorrow, good luck.  

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Watch your belongs! The smallest of things can and will be nabbed. A simple small screw can be sold for a small fee.  When you buy a wallet, all pockets and storage areas of this wallet will be searched. Not by one person but perhaps two or three others. That will take place before a manager takes a final look again. Hey, you might stash something in that small wallet that will cost the store. Amazing.  

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Donít be a showoff. There are always others watching. Wearing expensive cloths and flashing your I-pod around isnít a great idea. People can watch where you go and live. Perhaps stopping by to say hello. You need to safe guard your valuables. Even the not so valuable you need to watch out for. Ladies wearing earrings can have  them yanked from their ears. Sure the earring is only one and perhaps useless to you. But to some, it might fetch a few pesos so they can get a bite to eat.  

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The Government

The government is corrupt. Which government isnít? But in the Philippines they are grass roots crooked. There can be 25 people jay waking and the Police officer will nab you. Why? You have money. Even if you donít, you know someone who will. If you get in a business or other dispute with a native and go to court, no matter your proof, you will more then likely loose. Bribery and payoffs are common. When you are a foreigner and they know it, the price will equally rise. All foreigners are abundantly rich, so spread the wealth. It would be better if you allow your Filipino spouse or other trusted friend/relative to shop and do your business for you. Keeping out of the picture can help in the traditional bargaining process. Once a foreigner is added to the negotiations, costs do tend to rise. Bargaining can be a part of the process for mom and pop stores. Donít expect to bargain at well established or chain stores.

These are just a few of the difference that people must adjust for. There really is a lot of good in the Philippines. But there are a lot of things that most of us take for granted. To much so for me to list all here. But joining groups like Living in the Philippines and Living in Cebu, reading the books Philippine Dreams, Philippines Property Primer and Making A Living in the Philippines by Perry are both strongly recommended reads. The country is a safe as any other. But being streetwise and knowing a bit of any new country is always highly recommended.

Philippine Dreams

Philippines Property Primer

Making A Living In
The Philippines

Who Else Wants to Escape to a Tropical Paradise?

Ultimate guide in buying, investing and managing property in the Philippines

Guide to Making Money in the Philippines

Phillippines Dreams

Philippines Property Primer

Making A Living In The Philippines

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Avoid very expensive mistakes. Find out which is best for you from our ultimate Guide to Buying, Investing, Renting and managing property in the Philippines

What you need to know to operate a SMALL BUSINESS, GET A JOB, or INVEST in the PHILIPPINES

See all of Perry Gamsby's ebooks here

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So you STILL want to move to the Philippines!


          What is it about the Philippines that attracts you?

          Do you have a romantic view of life in a tropical paradise?

          Want to escape the Rat Race for a more relaxed pace of life?

          Are you excited by availability of so many beautiful Filipinas?

THE PHILIPPINES CAN OFFER ALL OF THE ABOVE!...but you need to be fully prepared to avoid disappointment

The reality is often different from what you imagined. You may have already visited many times on holiday, but you will find that living in the Philippines is very different. No amount of visits will fully prepare you for the experience of actually living in the Philippines.

To better prepare yourself and find out more about the reality of living in the Philippines you need to learn about the experiences of others.

There are many free resources on the net that you can find using a Search Engine and common terms such as ďLiving in the PhilippinesĒ. Some sites you will find seem to view the Philippines through Rose Colored Glasses and omit all the negatives. On one popular site about living in the Philippines the owner, who has been living in the Philippines for many years, will tell you on his page that the language is easy to learn. Yet this guy has not learnt it himself in all that time.

There are also many online forums and groups where you can find others that share your interest in moving to the Philippines, and can share information with you. Learning from expats that have the experience is your best option.

One such expat has committed his extensive experiences to a number of ebooks marketed under Streetwise Philippines. What makes these ebooks invaluable to anyone considering moving to the Philippines is that he tells it exactly as he sees it Ė the good, the bad and the ugly.

These ebooks will give you invaluable insights and knowledge about what its like to live in the Philippines that will save you both time and money. In fact I would suggest that you will save the small cost of the ebook purchase multiple times and you will look back on the purchase of these ebooks as one of your best investments.

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So, you are really going?  

What do I need to do if I'm planning to relocate to the Philippines?

Moving there

What do I need to do if I'm planning to relocate to the Philippines? The first advice we can give is for you to make an exploratory trip here in the Philippines. With this, you will have a first hand experience of what it is like in the country. We strongly suggest a visit over here before making a decision if, when and how to move to the Philippines and where to live once you get here. As you can tell, much has changed.

Things to know

So you are moving. Ok! You will need a multi entry visa at least a year. Every month you need to renew it and it will cost about $60/mos. You can stay if you have working visa.

You cannot settle in the Philippines unless you are applying for retirement visa, you have a filipina spouse, you have enough assets to support yourself or apply to become an immigrant which will take a couple of years.

Working or applying for a job in the Philippines will be a tough journey for you because of high of unemployment. If you are a free lancer or still be related to your country as a writer then that will be not a deal for you as you could support yourself.

You cannot own a property unless you have a filipina wife. You can own a condominium instead.

It's not a good idea to live and work in the Philippines if you cannot support yourself.

Living in the Philippines is haven. This place is for people who wants to retire and enjoy life to the fullest.

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1. There are many commercial banks in the Philippines and they will accept direct deposit of your pay. You must be in the bank to open an account. Direct deposit pay is guaranteed by third day of the month. If your money is in a bank in the USA and your DDS is to that bank, and you do not desire to change, no problem. When you arrive have enough money in travelerís checks to get you through the next month. Open an account with a bank near you and deposit a check for the amount you believe to be your monthly budget, wait 25 days and the money is clear and can be taken out. I have been doing that for 14 years with no problems. Any questions on this please ask me.


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