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Welcome to Cebu on Wheels’, Tour Cebu Network!

"TOUR CEBU" is your personal tour guide while in the "Queen City of the South".

We hope to see you soon in "THE QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH". Please feel free to visit the rest of our site, additional information can be provided; just visit our "Contact Information" site for details on how to get in touch with "Cebu on Wheels"

Greetings! and lets get started.

We cater to the disabled and non-disabled public interested in traveling to Cebu, Philippines. We can help you book your airline tickets, hotel and transportation needs. We are also available to help you plan a tour of Cebu that you won’t forget.

Even though we are a very small group, two people, we still are able to help you find flight arrangements, book hotels, and plan a tour in and Contact Us around Cebu. Please be advised that not all of Cebu is wheelchair friendly. But, if you don’t mind a little inconveniences and you are a bit adventurous, then you will have a blast.

Our tours are designed to be very flexible. Since we can only accommodate one chair and up to 5 guests on the van, the availability to change your mind is always an option. So to say we have a “Tour” is a bit misleading in the scheme of things. We like to look at it as a vacation dependant on your desires.

We can of course design a “Tour” for you and follow it as you wish. Our driver, and tour guide, knows Cebu and can easily give suggestions on what to do and where to go at a moments notice.

Check out our Tour Cebu page for the available tours.

Check out Your Visa Requirements to the Philippines 


Our tour service is much different from others that are around. Our goal is to help you with that first face to face meeting, make sure you have a hotel room that is clean and has a toilet seat and hot and cold running water, a place to eat within walking distance and Jeepney's and Taxi available at your door step. All at a price that is within reach of most working guys.

We are not a lady introduction service. We do however on occasion meet ladies interested in meeting men who visit Cebu. However our Tours are NOT designed to introduce men to ladies to men (or vise versa). We are in contact on occasion with a few ladies and companies that do. If interested, we would be happy to refer you. 

We need as much lead time as possible so contact us at least 6 weeks before you expect to travel as seats at these low prices are limited. We require that you have been in contact with your pen pal and have a legit relationship on going. We DO NOT do introductions, as that is unlawful in the Philippines.

Our full time guide is there for you to use any or every day, at times you may have to share him with another tour customer but we try to schedule guys in to where they do not overlap if at all possible.

It is a good idea to visit more then one girl. [ see our go it alone pages ] Our goal is to make sure you and your pen pal have a chance to get to know each other in a safe and secure environment, we will not tolerate any exploitation of the Filipina girls nor will we arrange any sexual activity or going to late night bars for the men on tour so do not even ask.

keep on rollin...


 Hassle free transportation and hotel accommodations

Check the Philippine Laws about using tour and travel services, 
we operate completely within Philippine Laws. Click here

We can adjust the price if you want to make your stay longer or less 
than the standard tour

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