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 A Friendly WARNING

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A little advice...

Cebu on Wheels welcomes you to a better way of meeting a beautiful woman for love and marriage. 

One big question we are asked frequently is what kind of women use our services and why do they want to leave their countries. Well, this is easy to answer since 95% of the women that are published have the same basic interest, hope and outlook as 95% of the men who read publications whether paper or electronic. 

Most of the women who write to us have a sense that there is a man some place, on the great planet of ours, who will truly love her for exactly what she is and therefore, treat her correctly as a good husband would. I know what some of you are thinking, what about all those stories your friends told you of how these women just want to get to the US or another country and will leave you when they can, or that if you marry the woman, you now own their family. 

COMMON SENSE WARNING: Not every woman who publishes her ad is looking for love and marriage. There is always that 5% or 10% who live in "survival mode" about life and just want to leave their country or want to get something from you, and this is true even in the USA. 

We want you to know how to protect yourself if you meet such a woman.

1. "DO NOT SEND MONEY". If any woman wants you to send her money because her mother, father, grandmother, etc., needs an operation, or is not going to be able to pay for her college this next semester or anything like that, "DO NOT SEND MONEY", and please let us know about her. 

2. Make sure you know who you are and what's really most important to you. Take the time needed and do not be in a hurry or survival about love. This will help you to have great common sense when it comes to finding your True Love. 

Okay, so what do I do now? 

If you think about Love for a while, I'll bet anything you will find that Being in Love is a direct result of sharing yourself fully with another person. I know, that's a nice statement, and it's most likely true, but what do you do with it? Hummm... times like this I wished I finished my book already so I could just share that with you. But, since I have not finished it, I'll give you some food for thought anyway. 

If Being in Love is the willingness to share yourself fully, and since we are talking about the two person relationship of marriage, then there are at least two people who need to find out who they really are. Now, most people will say quickly, "Oh yeah, I know who I am," but...when they start to dig in just a bit and ask some important questions, they discover they have not taken enough time to consider what's really important to them in life and put what's really important in a proper order of importance in their life. 

So, as you begin your letter writing process, take all the time needed to find out what are the top five or top ten things which are MOST important in your life. Also, as you are writing to your new friend, take the time in each letter to help her discover whats really most important to her too. The next step in the process is learning how to demonstrate what's really most important. Demonstration means that you are living the principles or qualities which you said are most important. 

"Being in Love is a matter of the Heart and not the Mind" 

Please note this again, "Being in Love is a matter of the Heart and not the Mind" (another personal quote for you...), but what this means is if you are going to try to fall in love using your brain, your intelligence, rather than your Heart, which is the Spirit part of your life, it's not going to happen. So, if you do not believe in anything greater than yourself, you will most likely find it impossible to fall in love... 

We suggest a New Approach towards meeting someone. Consider taking the High Road which is a Natural Path to finding Love. This High Road is referred to as the Inner Journey, vs. the Outer Journey or the Low Road. We know the Low Road is often the choice of many. In part because it seems well defined, easy to understand and even what we call popular. Unfortunately, it often does not produce the results we are looking for. 

Please remember, "You can not break the Laws of Nature, you can only break yourself against them! In relationships, many people (including many of us) have been trying to either Bend or Break the Laws of Nature, as they relate to being related..." 

Finally, "Be at Peace within Yourself and Learn to Let Nature Take Its Course!"

your friends...


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