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 Letter Writing Rules

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Notes on Letter Writing: 

Corresponding by mail is like anything else; the more experience you have with it, the easier it is. If you're finding it difficult to express yourself in your first letters, you might like to try an uncomplicated, straightforward approach.

For example, try beginning with a simple "Hello, my name is so and so" followed by such biographical old reliable info as your age, height, weight, occupation and marital status.

Next you might throw in something about the city or town you live in, what it's like to live there, what rivers or lakes it's near, what makes it unique and what are its attractions.

From there you can move on to your interests and hobbies. Don't be put off if your favorite interests don't conform to theirs. Having different likes can make you more interesting to each other, and finding a carbon copy of yourself is probably not what you're looking for.

Tell her about your life, your goals, your job, your friends, how many people are in your family, what things elevate your soul. Tell them what an average day is like for you. While you're at it, ask them a lot of questions, too, starting with what a day in their life is like for them. If you know what their occupation is, ask them to tell you all about it.

Do what you can to be polite and respectful in your letter. Asking her about a negative topic you may have heard about their country could offend them. It's best to stick only to positives until you know the person better.

Be as honest about yourself as you can and speak from the heart, but stop short of revealing your past relationships or any skeletons in your closet at this point. The people you'll be introducing yourself to will, with few exceptions, be very serious about marriage and finding a good partner.

A "playboy" is not what they are looking for or expect. Take care not to mislead them or make any promises you are not likely to keep.

You needn't tell them everything about yourself in your first letter; that can wait till later letters as you slowly reveal more and more of yourself and build your relationship. For now, the idea is to introduce yourself in this first letter-probably in no more than five pages and perhaps ideally in two pages.

The main thing is to give the person you're writing a clear idea of what sort of person you are and enough information so they'll be able to decide if you appeal to them. (You may also consider asking for their phone #, fax #, or e-mail address.)

If you write a polite, good-natured introductory letter, most of those you write will answer you back. If you're starting out by writing to many different people, there is a natural temptation to send off the same typed form letter. This might be a good idea for the first letter since most people learn English from the typed form.

Before hand-writing a letter (which is seen as more personable), find out if they know hand-written English. It's also important to write as legibly as you can out of consideration of the person who will be reading your letter.

Try to avoid the possibility of confusing them by staying away from any use of idioms, slang or colloquial references.

Also remember to put the name of your country in your return address; unless a person you're writing to already knows you, they may have no clue what country to send a reply to.

Consider it standard practice to include a photo of yourself in your first letter -- if not an original, then a color-copied one. Be sure to send only recent photos. To keep your costs down, you might get 10 or 15 different photos of yourself and arrange them on a sheet of paper; then take it down to your local printing store and ask them to run off about 10 color copies of the sheet. This will give you 100 to 150 color-copied photos ready to send off. Plain black-and-white photocopies are not likely to be well received.

Unless you've led the sort of life where you're used to hitting the jackpot lottery in anything you do, you'll be better off not limiting yourself to writing only one or two people. The more people you write to, the greater are your chances of finding the right person.

And here is a typical letter one could write to Vivian.


Dear Vivian,

I saw your photo on the Internet. I am looking for someone to share my life and I think you are very pretty so I will write to you and hope that you might write back to me.

I am 45 years old, divorced about 8 years ago - my ex-wife now lives in new York and we have no children. I don't smoke and I only drink with a meal. I have a job I really like working with computers.

I live in Coral Gables, a town near Miami in Florida, U.S.A. (map enclosed) It is a great place to live, with lot's of sunshine and I have my own a small apartment close to the beach. I can walk to work along the beach.

I also like reading, mainly adventure novels, and I enjoy music and dining out. I would love to sing but I'm afraid my voice is not so good. Perhaps you could teach me.

I would describe myself as warm hearted and a bit romantic. Walks on the beach or a candle light dinner with a special person is what I really enjoy. I think I'm a very open person and I am looking for someone I can really talk to, you know, about everything. I find it hard to talk to men about personal things. (I am not the jealous type!) I think I am a very honest person; a bit too honest sometimes?

You look warm and gentle in your photo so I think we might be very similar.

I looked up your town in my atlas but it was not listed. What big towns are you near?

It doesn't tell me much about your life in your advertisement so I hope you will write and tell me about your family, where you live, if you have a job and what it is like to live in the Philippines. Tell me what your dreams for your life are.

I will not write any more now and will just wait for your letter. I see you have a telephone number and I would really love to hear your voice one day.

I have enclosed some photos of me and money for your postage - I hope no-one steals it before you get my letter!

Goodbye for now, with best wishes,



Notes on my letter:

I suggest you keep your first letter short and to the point.
Notice that I have addressed all her keywords
(in blue) and told her the things about myself that her advertisement suggests she might be interested in.
I included a map of where I live and I tried to have a look at where she lives.
My job and my apartment were mentioned, but in an understated way. (I did
not mention my Mercedes!)
I gave her an opening to tell me all about herself, her life and her dreams.
I made it clear that I hoped (expected?) her to reply to me soon.

Please email me if you have particular questions or problems.

A quick reference for letter writing.

Be HONEST. You will get caught eventually and could ruin a potential relationship.

Be INTERESTED in her. Sure, tell her about yourself, but tell her what she would be interested in and then ask about her.

Do COMMENT on what she has told you.

Do REPLY QUICKLY. "I was so busy at work." What a rubbish excuse. If you care you will forgo TV, the pub, the boys, and write to her.

Don't BRAG about your achievements, possessions or income. Only tell her if you have a house or apartment and a steady income. She will find out later how wonderful you really are!


Here is a winning format for every letter. (SAY NOTHING NEGATIVE!!)


1. Cheery greeting....Say something positive about her latest email.

2. Make a comment on EACH of her topics. Be interested in her!!!!

3. Ask about her day, her life, her interests.

4. Talk about your day.

5. Talk about something that interests you.

6. Talk about the possible future of the relationship (POSITIVELY)

7. End with something nice. "I look forward to your next email"
"Until we meet again in Cyberspace" "Take care" "Sweet dreams"



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