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 K1 - Step by Step

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Now that I have filled my Fiancée Visa

Updates in RED were provided by Ray Bacon. Thanks! Ray

After I filed my K1, I was left hanging. I didn't know what to do next. My girl asked me tonight for directions, so I made the document below. I sent it to her. I figured that it may be of help to some of you. I don't know that it is 100% correct. Please feel free to leave comments. Everything that follows was written directly for my fiancée.

This includes EVERYTHING that I can think of. It has all of the steps for the next 3-5 months. You are going to need at least 4 passport photos and two ADIT VISA photos. Passport Photos are colored photos of your face (full front view) against a black background. They should be 1.77" x 1.37". If you have prints made, you might as well get 8 pictures! The ADIT VISA photos are the 3/4th view pictures showing right ear.


  • We apply for the K1 Visa Here at the INS in the USA (This part is done!)
  • I receive a receipt from the INS that they have the application.
  • We wait for 30-100 days for them to approve the application.
  • I send you an Affidavit of Support document (During this 30-100 days)
  • After application is approved, they send it to the US Consulate in the Philippines (I also get a copy of the message and FAX you a copy)
  • You call 909-01-0011 and request the "K Packet"
  • You fill out all of the forms and go to Manila for your medical exam.
  • You give St. Lukes official all of the paperwork, CENOMAR, and Affidavit of Support
  • You return to Digos while St. Lukes sends documents to US Consulate
  • US Consulate approves Visa in several weeks
  • You get your K1 VISA
  • I come to Get you
  • On the way back we stop in Manila
  • We visit the CFO again for a short seminar. You show your passport and CFO certificate to get a special stamp on your passport.
  • We continue on to the United States

We get married


  1. Make sure you have 1 Passport Style Photo
  2. Make sure you have a Photo ID (NBI Clearance, passport, PRC license, voter id, or school id)
  3. Travel with someone to Manila and bring these items. In Manila:
    1. Attend CFO Counseling Session for 100p (See Part One below)
    2. Get a CENOMAR at the NSO (See Part two below)
    3. Get a Counseling Certificate from CFO
      *** NOTE: This may take several days!
  4. Return from Manila
  5. Make sure that you have Official Birth Certificate on Security Paper (SECPA) issued by NSO
  6. Make sure you have 3 Passport Photos 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm new photo (colored with plain white background)
  7. Make sure you have your Counseling Certificate (from 3C above)
  8. My friend say it may be helpful to also have:
    1. Barangay Clearance
    2. Police Clearance
    3. NBI Clearance
    4. Postal ID
    5. High school Reference
  9. Apply for passport for 500p (See Part Three below) )
  10. Get your Passport
  11. I mail you an Affidavit of Support document
  12. Wait until K1 is approved
    1. I will tell you
    2. The US Consulate in Manila will contact you
  13. I will fax you a copy of the approval.
  14. Then, you will call Manila and ask for the "K Packet" at 1-909-101-0011. It is a toll call about P400-P600
  15. You fill out all of the "K Packet" Forms
  16. You gather the documentation (Pictures, Letters, Everything from above)
  17. You Return to Manila with everything:
    1. Bring 2 ADIT (VISA) photos and 2 Passport Photos to St. Lukes
      • Many folks recommend bringing pen and snacks.  It is an all-day affair, and you may not get time to go off for lunch.  If you do, you may loose your spot!
    2. You visit St. Lukes (No appointment necessary)
    3. Read my comments on the St. Lukes Visit (See Part Four below)
    4. You have a medical exam and get some X-Rays
    5. You return the next day for the results of exam
  18. You return home
  19. St. Lukes sends your papers to the Consulate in Manila
  20. The Consulate in Manila Approves you and sends you a letter
  21. I come to the Philippines, stay with your family, and we leave together
  22. We stop at Manila overnight so we can visit the DFA for a CFO passport stamp
  23. We fly back to the United States
  24. We Marry within 90 days.

Below are the details of each part.

PART ONE -- CFO Counseling Certificate

Here is some information about the guidance and counseling services at the CFO Per Republic Act 8239 and Department of Foreign Affairs Order no. 28-94, Filipinos proceeding abroad as fiancés and spouses of foreign nationals are required to attend the CFO's guidance and counseling program as a pre-requisite to the issuance of passports. The objective of this program is to help Filipino fiancés and spouses of foreign nationals make informed decisions regarding their marriage to foreign nationals and to prepare them for their adjustments in cross-cultural marriages. CFO issues a counseling certificate as proof that the applicant has attended the guidance and counseling session. After receipt of the passport and visa, the fiance(e)s and spouses will have to register with CFO prior to their departure.

The Counseling Requirements are:

  1. Valid ID with photo (NBI clearance, passport, PRC license, driver's license, company ID, voter's ID, school ID)
  2. One (1) colored (1.77" X 1.37") picture with white background
  3. P100 registration fee

Schedule of Counseling Sessions for fiance's of US Citizens are held in (CFO-Manila) on Monday to Friday at 10:00am, 1:30pm, and 3:00pm. Inquiries may be directed to the following addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses:

Citigold Center
1345 Pres. Quirino Avenue corner South Superhighway
Manila, Philippines

Tel. Nos. (0632) 562-3847 up to 51, 561-8316
Fax No. (0632) 561-8332
E-mail address: cfodfa@info.com.ph


The OCRG (Office of the Civial Registrar General) of the National Statistic office can issue the "Record of No Marriage."

Certifications are made in person at:

National Statistics Office
EDSA corner Times St.
West Triangle, Quezon City 1104

The following information must be provided:

  • Complete name of the person
  • Complete name of the father
  • Complete maiden name of the mother
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party
  • Number or copies needed
  • Purpose for the certification

And a fee of 80 Pesos (local) must be paid. There is an additional fee of 50 Pesos (local) per copy of items to be remitted by means of mail. The amount is to be remitted by means of check or postal money order payable to the NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE.


For a passport my friend Kaibigan says you will need:

  1. Up to 4 copies of your Birth Certificate (At least 3 certified)
  2. Police Clearance
  3. NBI Clearance
  4. Postal ID
  5. High School Reference
  6. CFO Certificate (see part two for where to get this)

The DFA is such a busy place, that you will nead to visit very early in the morning. They open at 6:00am in most cities. When you arrive, you take a number. Your number will show your order on the next day of business.

A friend told me that you can also go via a travel agent in one of the malls. They will charge up to 1200 pesos over and above the DFA cost, but the agent will take care of many of the details. Even if you visit the agent, you will still need the CFO certificate and you will still need to attend the seminar

The DFA in Davao is headed by BAHNARIM A. GUINOMLA and the OIC: ERLINDA ALBAY. The office information is:

DFA Regional Consular Office
Doors 1 & 2 Tourism Complex
Magsaysay Park 8000
Davao City

Tel.No: (082) 2273900/227-0712 to 13
Telefax No: (082) 2214552
E-mail: dfamin@dv.weblinq.com


I got this from http://www.joekulitmoe.f2s.com/StLukes.html but the URL is gone. I made a copy, so I don't feel too bad about reproducing it. It is one lady's persal experience at St. Lukes:

Remember to bring the following:

  1. Documents for K-1 Visa application
  2. Two extra passport photos for St. Luke's Patient Data Sheets (PDS)--so that's 4 visa pictures total, including the other two for the K-1 application
  3. A pen
  4. Passport
  5. $85 medical exam and immunization fee, to be paid in pesos depending on the current exchange rate.
  6. Appointment letter from the Embassy or a copy of your NOA #2.
  7. Your medical fee receipt if you are asked to come back the next day.

Here is the story:

Day #1

It's July 26, 2001. After leaving Quezon City via tax cab at 4:30 AM, I arrived at St. Luke's Extension Clinic at approximately 5:15 AM. I was the first US Embassy applicant there. The guard asked for my appointment letter and passport. I told him I don't have an appointment letter but showed him a copy of the NOA #2 as instructed by the Immigrant Visa Center. After that, he gave me a queue number. Although the clinic information included in the Embassy packet says that St. Luke's opens at 7:00 AM, the receptionists begin handing out documents at around 6:00 AM. When the receptionist called my number, I again showed my passport and a copy of my NOA #2. She then looked for my name in a list of people who called the Immigrant Visa Center to schedule the packet delivery. After finding my name, she gave me forms called Patient Data Sheets (PDS) to fill up.

I was the first in line, but since I did not have the two ID photos required by St. Luke's, I had to look for a photo shop that was open at the time of morning! This was not in the list of requirements and so it caught me off-guard. One of the security guards gave me a referral slip for one of the photo shops nearby that can do the photos in a few minutes. This has no affiliation whatsoever with St. Luke's. I assume that this is a commission upon referral collaboration with the photo studio.

When I came back, I had dropped down to number six in line because it took me about fifteen minutes to look for the photo shop. After having my PDS checked by the receptionist, I was directed to a room where a digital photo was taken for their records.

After this, I went up to the document checking section on the 2nd floor. The receptionist there asked what visa I was applying for, and when I told her I was a K-1 Visa applicant, I was instructed to proceed to the cashier on the 5th floor. There I paid 4,590 pesos for the medical exam and immunization fee. Have your passport ready all the time. You will need it with every transaction you make at St. Luke's.

I was then told to proceed to the 4th floor to have a urine sample collected. I assume that this is for a pregnancy test. After this I was directed to another room for blood sample collection. This was for HIV/AIDS testing. After this, I went to the 3rd floor for the chest X-ray. A word of advice: wear clothes than can easily be taken off. The ladies will have to remove everything but panties and change into a hospital gown. During the X-ray, I was given a protective shielding for my abdomen.

After the X-ray, I had the physical examination on the 5th floor. After giving my passport and PDS to the receptionist, I had to wait for my name to be called. The nurse I was assigned to took my blood pressure, heart rate, and my height and weight. I then had a my vision checked. I was led to a room with dim lights and asked to identify letters on the chart. One good thing I found out today is that I still have 20/20 vision.

After this, I was assigned to a lady doctor who did a thorough physical examination. During this part of the medical, she asked for my medical history. After this I had to undress completely. I was asked to stand, bend over, and lie down. She also did genital examination. I have to say that the physical examination part upset me, though. While she was asking my medical history, there was an item in the questionnaire asking how many pregnancies I had. She asked if I had ever given birth when I was younger, so I answered "No" to her questions. But while she was doing the exam on me, she just had to ask the same question about five times! I was upset because I already told her I had never given birth in my life and so I don't understand why she had to ask the same thing over and over. She did the same thing when she asked about my asthma. I told her I don't remember when my last attack was because my asthma has been inactive. Nevertheless, she insisted that I give an approximate date. At this point, I had to make up a date when I thought my last attack was!

I had a vaccination interview afterwards. The doctor asked if I am allergic to anything and then gave me the option to either have the shots in the US or at St. Luke's. I opted to get them at St. Luke's since I paid for them anyway.

That was it for the day. I finished at about 9:00 AM. I went to the check out counter at the 2nd floor where I was informed that I have to come back  tomorrow to pick-up the results of the medical and receive my vaccinations. I can't submit my visa application without the results, so I have no choice but to return the next day.

Day #2

Today is July 27, 2001. I left the house at 5:30 AM and arrived at St. Luke's at approximately 6:15 AM. I showed the guard my passport and medical fee receipt upon entry. He looked for my name in the list that he was holding and told me to proceed to the 2nd floor and wait for my name to be called. I was scheduled to receive my immunizations today (mumps, measles, and rubella), but by 9:00 AM, my name still hasn't been called. All the waiting was exhausting so I fell asleep until finally they called my name at around 10:30 AM. I submitted my passport and receipt to the immunization doctors and had to sit down and wait again! After about half an hour, I was called into the immunization room to receive my shots. The doctor informed me that I am not supposed to get pregnant within the next four months because the vaccination may cause abnormalities in the unborn child. The needles were intimidating, of course, and it made me nervous just looking at them. They didn't hurt, though. The shots felt like ant bites, which isn't too bad.

After receiving my shots, I went to the ground floor and waited for my medical results to be released. I waited until about 1:30 PM, and it was a little more difficult for me to endure because I had not eaten breakfast nor lunch that day. As a word of advice, eat a heavy breakfast before you go to St. Luke's. You can't bring food inside. Although there are restaurants nearby, I advise against going out because your name might be called and you might miss it. Anyway, the nurse at the releasing counter asked for my passport and confirmed certain entries in the medical report. I was also handed my chest x-ray film and vaccination report. I was told that I will be bringing this to the US, but I wasn't given clear instructions on exactly what to do with them. I left my passport with her and went back to the second floor.

It didn't take long for the clerk at the document checking section to call my name. The person I was assigned to was actually one of the nicest people I have encountered at St. Luke's (not a lot of them are!). She asked me to give her all the requirements for the visa application. However, one thing I noticed is that she kept excluding documents from my application packet. She gave me back my Certificate of No Marriage (CERNOMAR) and said that the Embassy didn't need it. I found that strange because I have read of many instances wherein the consular officer at the Embassy asked to see a CERNOMAR. She also excluded some supporting documents for the Affidavit of Support such as bank statements, investment reports, printouts of account history, and our co-sponsor's certification of employment. The only supporting documents she included were the W-2 forms and tax returns and my fiance's certification of employment. I again found this strange because all the other financial documents are in support of the assests and investments declared on the Affidavit of Support.

If the clerk had opted not to include all the pictures, letters, and emails I submitted, I would've freaked out. My guess is that the people that check the documents at St. Luke's are not very well in-synch with what the Embassy consular officers are looking for.

After assembling my application packet, the clerk at St. Luke's handed me a claim stub and told me to proceed to Gate 4 of the US Embassy. There I paid Delbros a 110-peso courier fee for the delivery of my visa. I am supposed to be receiving the visa after 7-10 working days, granting that the consular officer assigned to my case has no questions and does not request more documents for me. I was instructed to call the Immigrant Visa Information Center at 1-909-1010011 if I do not receive my visa on day 7.

And now, our wait for the visa begins.


This is a posting that I saved to my Hard drive from the old forum. I don't know who posted it, but it is really good information. It is definitely worth saving and passing on. (If you posted it, sorry... I didn't record where it came from!)


Effective July 1,2001 there will be no interview for K1 visa in US consulate Manila.

There's no official package 3 and 4 anymore. Your fiancee must call 1-909-101-001(25 pesos per minute) or else she won't receive anything. if she fail to call the embassy, she won't hear anything about her petition even it's already received the approval for US consulate Manila. She will not receive any approval notice by mail, So you, as the petitioner is responsible of notifying her approval, better send your copy to her.

The US consulate Manila will take the information from your Fiancee when she calls, she needs this on hand, PASSPORT NUMBER, ADDRESS, CELL OR TELEPHONE NUMBER, REFERENCE NUMBER AND SOME INFORMATION ABOUT HER. While they are taking information from her, it will be stored in data base and will make how the payment is done. She will receive the package in one week. She must pay 200 pesos to the courier upon delivery of the package. She fill up the information and sends the passport and the papers to the embassy USING THE SAME COURIER AT HER EXPENSE. She then travels to manila to St Luke for medical exam. She then returns home. After 10 to 12 days the SAME COURIER bring her passport and her visa. There's no interview and appointment anymore, unless there's a problem with her paper or documents. Okay here is the telephone number you can call, this is for USA residents. Good luck to you all!

Fiancee Visa information Manila call 10 and 12 pm local time 632-523-1011 ext 2324 and 2215

632-523-1001 ext 2224 available from 8-11 AM and 1-3 pm weekdays manila time.

Thank you for your correction, you are right I mistype. The right number for your fiancée to call 1-909-101-0011

List of items for K1:

Birth Certificate ($10; 3 copies)
NBI Clearance ($10)
Police Clearance ($2.00; city she lived in)
Passport Photos ($8)
Passport ($15)
Visa Photo ($8)
CFO Certificate ($5; attached to passport)
DFA Sticker ($5; attached to passport)
Bank Account  


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